Close Up Magic

Add-a-Number Note Book PLUS
Artikelnummer: 3291
We have made a PLUS version of the classical El Duco Add-a-Number Pad! You can still do all the things you can do with the standard Add-a-Number Pad ... PLUS ...
Black Box, El Duco
Artikelnummer: 2738
This trick has fooled every person who has seen it!1. Ask a spectator to place a solid steel ring into the box and close the lid. 2. Show a ribbon. Place it on top of the box and hold it in place...
Business Card Scanner
Artikelnummer: 2741
Pick up your business card case. Open it and take out a card. Unfortunately you discover that the card is BLANK on BOTH sides (and it really is!) You take another one - the same thing. BLANK!
Card to Hip Wallet, El Duco
Artikelnummer: 2842
This is El Duco's Hip Wallet version of the Card in Wallet (Kaps Wallet). First of all it is very easy to handle and to load. The load mechanism is built into the wallet but you can't see it.
Chained, + dvd
Artikelnummer: 2745
NOW WITH DVD INSTUCTIONS! This is the cleanest and most baffling penetration you have ever seen!Display a gleaming endless chain. Hang the chain over your wrist and let the spectator examine a key.
Close Up Ring & Rope Routine
Artikelnummer: 2747
How can I convince you that this is the best Ring and Rope Routine ever created? Maybe you must see it performed?  Everybody who have seen it it has two words on their lips: "IMPOSSIBLE, AMAZING!
Close Up Ring Routine
Artikelnummer: 2746
Now with video instructions! A linking ring routine for close-up which is wonderful to watch! Close-up Ring Routine is a classic effect given a new slant. A three-ring routine for close-up...
Double Transfer
Artikelnummer: 2750
Cards and dice in a baffling and entertaining routine. Four cards numbered 1 to 4 at their backs are shown one by one. Three of the cards have a colourful die printed on the face.
Duco's Dice
Artikelnummer: 2749
Two big dice (25 mm or 1 inch) with two opaque covers are displayed. A spectator chooses one (no force) and you take the other.You both take your dice behind your back and put the dice into the...
Fork & Spoon Mystery
Artikelnummer: 2767
The Fork & Spoon Mystery is the perfect routine for your table hopping act, but you can also do it stand up with no use of any table. From your pocket you take out a cloth napkin wrapped around...
Golden Cups & Balls
Artikelnummer: 2755
As soon as you handle these beautiful cups you will just sense and feel that they are exactly right. Correctly balanced and about 30% heavier than similar cups of the same size.
Golden Mini Cups & Balls
Artikelnummer: 2756
Golden Mini Cups and Balls is micro magic in the classic El Duco workmanship. These are traditional-style cups. Superbly crafted of brass; ground, polished and finally lacquered to achieve the right...
Himber Wallet, locking
Artikelnummer: 2760
This HIMBER WALLET is made from thin and soft calf leather. The surface is brushed to get a soft nice feeling when you handle the wallet. The size is 16 x 10,5 cm (6 3/8 x 4 inches).
Himber Wallet, small
Artikelnummer: 2761
This is our Mini Himber Wallet, actually a Z-fold Wallet, specially made for playing cards, credit cards or your own business card.You use this wallet to do changes, vanishes and appearances in many...
Hot Money
Artikelnummer: 2762
It's time to pay the bill. You take out your wallet and open it.Wow! Suddenly big fire flames come out of the wallet and chock the people around you.Close the wallet again.
Make Up Mirror
Artikelnummer: 2765
A spectator chooses a card from the deck. She doesn't name it. She is ONLY THINKING of the card. Ask her to take part in a mind-boggling experiment. She shall imagine that she takes out the now...
Missing Key
Artikelnummer: 2771
This is a direct and baffling mental effect with common objects! You display three key cases, the type where you press on the sides of the case and the key falls out hanging from a chain.
Necklace Prediction
Artikelnummer: 2772
Necklace Prediction. Here is a different mental effect using dice. You show a little jewel box which you put on the table. Inside is your prediction.From a glass containing four different colored...
Pen Tell
Artikelnummer: 2773
Invented by El Duco No, this is not about Penn & Teller. It's a novel close-up effect from El Duco!Ask a spectator to shuffle the deck and count off 12 cards.
Ring in Salt
Artikelnummer: 2778
Ring In Salt is a classic El Duco effect! This is a stage or close-up effect which creates sensation everywhere. Show a piece of rope and let a spectator thread his or her finger ring on the rope.
Rune Stone Mystery
Artikelnummer: 2779
During the Viking Age, the Vikings left their messages and characters (runes) engraved in stones. Each rune character had a special meaning.In this experiment the spectator selects one of five...
Shrinking Die
Artikelnummer: 2781
Do you recognize this situation:Your friends ask you to do a trick. You are not prepared. You only wear a shirt with short sleeves.There is no thumb tip in sight, and no pull or magneic device on...
Signed Card to Hip Wallet
Artikelnummer: 2782
El Duco's original Signed card to Hip Wallet- without palmingComments from the experts: I think anyne who purchase this will be pleased with the workmanship. Lyckönskan! (Congratulations).
Signed Card to Super Wallet
Artikelnummer: 2744
We have combined two great El Duco Wallets, to make a Super Wallet. Many of us do both Stand Up Shows and Table Hopping. This wallet is designed to be used under all type of conditions: If you do...
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