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Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB
Slottsmöllevägen 3, 302 31 Halmstad, Sweden
VATnumber: SE556307155301

Telephone: + 46 35-13 07 85


Magic Center®, Ålderstigen 2, Halmstad
Delivery address: Slottsmöllevägen 3, 302 31 Halmstad


El DucoHere, within these web-pages, you will find details of original and unique magic. El Duco's Magic was founded in 1978 by Swedish magic inventor Christer Gustavsson (El Duco) and the brand has a solid reputation and is respected throughout the world of magic. In his lifetime Christer Gustavsson wrote several books and invented and marketed more than 200 original magic effects.

Christer Gustavsson (El Duco) passed away on September 30, 2008 after a short period of illness.
He will be missed and remembered in the magic community for his creativity, enthusiasm and integrity.

In December 2008 the business was sold to Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB, who will continue to produce the El Duco Collection of original quality magic.
El Duco's Magic is now a division of Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB, which is a private incorporated company based in Halmstad, Sweden.

Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB is the largest magic company in Sweden. We stock more than 2500 different items, and make a selection of those items available to international customers on our site:

We were founded by our present owners, Gay and Birgitta Ljungberg in 1982 and in 1983 we bought and merged with our strongest competitor.

Gay and Birgitta Ljungberg were also, for 21 consecutive years together with Christer Gustavsson, responsible for the annual Magic Lund Convention held in Lund, Sweden in October every year. Now they continue to produce the convention on their own.This is the major magic event in our part of the world.

Gay Ljungberg is our "in house magician" and he has been a full time professional performer since 1986. For the past 30+ years he has been a judge at the prestigious International Close Up Magic Competition in London. 1999-2001 he toured with the National Swedish Theatre with a full evening Clown Show written and performed by him and his associate Manne af Klintberg. Science Circus is another show written and performed by Gay Ljungberg.
You can read about the shows here:



magic center

Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB is mainly a web based mail order company. Our Magic Center in Halmstad, Sweden is a modern 550 square meters building, housing our warehouse and production space. The building also contains a permanent exhibition of our products, an auditorium for about 50 people in which we every month offer a magic lecture and a Magic Café. If you ever visit Sweden, make sure to pay us a visit. Please contact us first, we are open by appointment only.

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